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Dry Cleaning Services

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[ Best Dry Cleaning Service in florida ]

Dry Cleaning Service Near me

English Laundry & Cleaners offers the best Dry Cleaning services around Clermont, Florida. We aim to deliver our customers a stress-free way of doing dry cleaning and laundry in Florida without any worries about quality and timeliness. We at English Laundry & Cleaners offer a diverse range of services for all your dry cleaning needs. We also offer our customers free pickup and delivery service from your choice of location. We offer world-class services at affordable prices.

Dry clean Services Delivered to Your Home

We at English Laundry & Cleaners offer on-demand online laundry and dry cleaning in Clermont, florida. The residents of Lake County and Orange County can conveniently book our services using our app or Website. We strive to offer our customers excellent service and promise to deliver clean and fresh clothes. Our riders pick up and deliver clothes from your home or any other location of your choice.

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About "Dry Cleaning"

Dry cleaning is a cleaning process for clothes and fabrics that uses chemicals instead of water to remove dirt, stains and odors. This process is effective for materials that are delicate or would shrink, stretch or lose their shape if cleaned with water. The cleaning solution used in dry cleaning is usually perchloroethylene (perc), which is highly flammable and toxic if not handled properly.

The cleaning process involves pre-treating the clothes, immersing them in the cleaning solution, and then using a machine to agitate the solution and remove the dirt. After the cleaning process, the clothes are rinsed, dried, and pressed or steamed to remove any remaining solvent. Dry cleaning is a convenient way to clean clothes, but it can be expensive and the cleaning chemicals can be harmful to the environment.

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We can save you money on soap, water, heating and electricity. So you can enjoy even more of the things you love. Our prices are simple and affordable.

About Dry cleaning Order!
Dry-cleaning is a "wet" process wherein we use detergents as well. The only difference is that instead of water hydro-carbons are used (generally called as petrol wash)
we know all big and small pieces involved in the processing and handling of garments. We have a huge trusted base of customers, who are with us since inception of our business. Check this link, to understand 'How to locate "Best Dry Cleaning Service Near me" in florida?'
Minimum order size is the minimum value of the order in Doller which is required by us. The value depends upon the location and is subject to change without any prior notice. To keep communication, clear we send a system generated SMS to the user upon successful placing of order so that there is no confusion later. We also know that you may want to try our services first before trusting us with your valuable cloths therefore, *first order has lesser minimum order size*.
Yes, you can place your laundry order online through our website or through our mobile app. We provide free home pickup & delivery at Location Orlando , Florida.
We remove basic stains from cuff, collar in our Dry Cleaning service. For a complete stain removal solution along with garment cleaning, please opt for our world class dry cleaning services.
*Eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning methods
*Safe for delicate and expensive fabrics
*High-quality cleaning results
*Convenient pick-up and delivery services
English Laundry & Cleaners uses eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions to clean your clothes and fabrics.
Yes, English Laundry & Cleaners is gentle on delicate fabrics and can be used for cleaning silk, lace and other delicate materials.